XXV St.Petersburg Summer Meeting in Mathematical Analysis
Tribute to Victor Havin (1933-2015)

June 25-30, 2016          St. Petersburg, Russia

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Program and Abstracts


Viktor Havin


Viktor Petrovich Havin, 1997


Laurent Baratchart
Hardy-Hodge decomposition of vector fields

Stéphane Charpentier
Small Bergman-Orlicz spaces, growth spaces, and their composition operators

Dmitry Chelkak
2D Ising model: discrete holomorphicity, orthogonal polynomials and conformal invariance 

Victor Goryainov
Holomorphic self-maps of the unit disc with two fixed points

Haakan Hedenmalm
Bloch functions and asymptotic tail variance

Zinaida Lykova
The norm-preserving extension property in the symmetrized bidisc $\Gamma$ and von Neumann-type inequalities for $\Gamma$-contractions

Mark Malamud
Scattering Matrices for realizations of Schrödinger operators in exterior domains

Eugenia Malinnikova
Complex Jacobi matrices and sharp uniqueness results for discrete Schroedinger evolution

Vladimir Maz’ya
Sobolev inequalities in arbitrary domains

Vitali Milman
Algebraic related structures and the reason behind some classical constructions in convex geometry and analysis 

Adolf Mirotin
On bounded perturbations of Bernstein functions of several semigroup generators on Banach spaces

Boris Mityagin
Geometry of dilated systems and root systems of non-selfadjoint operators

Nikolai Nikolski
A few words on Victor Petrovich Havin

Igor Novikov
Riesz Lemma and Bernstein Polynomials

Przemislaw Ohrysko
Spectrally reasonable measures

Stefanie Petermichl
Classical singular operators on integers and their $L^p$ norms

Gilles Pisier
Sidon sets in bounded orthonormal systems

Sergey Platonov
About spectral synthesis in the space of tempered functions on discrete abelian groups

Tatiana Shaposhnikova
Logarithmic interpolation-embedding inequalities  on irregular domains

Igor Verbitsky
A sublinear version of Schur's lemma

Anatolii Vershik
More about uncertainty principle: the last talks with V.P.

Nicholas Young
A generalization to several variables of Loewner's Theorem on operator-monotone functions

Rachid Zarouf
On the asymptotic behavior of Jacobi polynomials with varying parameters

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